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Register a ChurchMy Project Team Ltd is a Christian not-for-profit charity, whose prime mission is to promote, complete and support community projects alone or in partnership with other organizations across the Sunshine Coast region.

With My Project Team Ltd – there are no boundaries or ownership – there are no denominations or preferences – Just relationship, networking and community support to see suffering, distress and community compassion build trust and belief in our community.  If you feel that your church could partner with My Project Team Ltd, we would love to hear from you.

Churches have numerous members of their congregation – including inspirational pastors and leaders who regularly see distress in their community which – with the help of other qualified tradespeople and suppliers – could change lives.  My Project Team Ltd can provide the expertise, insurance and project management to assist your own church – or another church to bring a particular project to completion.

Jesus said – “I will build my church!”

The Vision of My Project Team Ltd is to bring churches, service organizations, sporting clubs and any other community minded group together to “build His Church”.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to bring a football club, a croquet club, and RSL club together with a Uniting Church, a Catholic Church and several other churches to upgrade a disabled crèche playground, landscape a Cerebral Palsy home or clean up a yard at a private residence where Jesus has never been mentioned. 

Every church has congregation members who have building skills, electricians, motor mechanics, retailers or volunteers who have always wanted to get together with other “passionate Christians” and make a difference.

My Project Team Ltd brings the “ordinary” – The Holy Spirit brings the “extra-ordinary”!

We look forward to working with you and thankyou for your interest and commitment.  If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact My Project Team Ltd.