Become a Supplier

Building Supplies NeededMy Project Team Ltd needs suppliers who are willing to provide materials, labour and expertise to design, create and finish community projects such as those on our “Previous Projects” web page. 

What suppliers and trades do we need?

Building materials supplies – timber and hardware
Plumbing and drainage
Paint – wall coatings and advice
Tiles – both wall and floor – and advice
Paint and “other” materials
Auto repairs and sales
Retailers of household appliances, computers and furniture
Garden, landscaping and nursery
Equipment hire
Warehouse storage facilities – Shed rental and sales
Truck and car rentals
Bobcat, backhoe and earthmoving equipment
Roofing, paving and concreting
Electrical suppliers, lighting and air conditioning
Carpet, vinyl flooring, timber floors and furnishings
Interior design and colour co-ordination
Kitchen designers and cabinetmakers
Television and video – installation and setup

My Project Team Ltd request that numerous suppliers and trades apply to assist for each industry or product.  We want to share the cost across the whole population of suppliers and trades.  While it would be fantastic to have one supplier or tradesperson willing to donate to each and every project, we recognise the huge “cost and investment” associated with that “dream”.

My Project Team WILL endeavour – AT ALL TIMES – to recognise the donation of materials, products and time – by publishing all donors – on ALL PROJECTS!  This recognition could be in advertising material, through any media recognition or promotion, and through our networks and any other parties with whom we partner.  If you wish your corporate or company name to be included in our Partner Links page, please indicate your request on your initial application form.

If you wish to sponsor or support My Project Team Ltd or any of our projects anonymously, we thankyou sincerely and will honour your request at all times. 

Each project – with the names and details of ALL SUPPLIERS AND SPONSORS – with consideration to the individual’s confidentiality – will be advertised on our website on completion of each project.

We look forward to working with you and thankyou for your interest and commitment.  If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact My Project Team Ltd.