Become a Sponsor

Sponsor our ProjectsMy Project Team Ltd need sponsors who are willing to provide funding to assist with materials, labour and expertise to design, create and finish “specific” community projects such as those on our “Previous Projects” web page. 

You may wish to fund or sponsor a particular item, a portion of a project or a complete project for one of our recipients.  We presently have many “individual specific needs” where we are presently unable to find a donor of particular item – e.g. a quadriplegic gentleman who wants to write his life story.  He is suffering severely by using a stick in his mouth to type a keyboard on an old PC and is losing his teeth.  A new laptop with voice recognition software would assist him to preserve his dream.  He is restricted to his reclining wheelchair 24 hours a day, and receives only 2 hours independent care per day – so he is alone for the other 22 hours.  TAFE Qld have offered to assist with funding a carer to assist with his story writing and recording, but not for any equipment or training. 

He only has “dial up” for his internet connection, so he is very limited with his family tree research or history.

As a “project sponsor” – you may wish to sponsor the laptop, the voice recognition software, or the total project including a printer.  This young man would also love a broadband internet modem etc.

We have numerous project requests where we have “specific needs” and an individual sponsor would make a huge “immediate” difference in those lives, where My Project Team Ltd may take months or years to bring these requests to completion without your help.

We look forward to working with you and thankyou for your interest and commitment.  If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact My Project Team Ltd.