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Partner with My Project TeamMy Project Team Ltd is a Christian not-for-profit charity, whose prime mission is to promote, complete and support community projects alone, or in partnership with other organizations.

My Project Team Ltd’s primary role is to provide quality project management support for other charities, schools, churches, clubs and community organizations, who also saw suffering and need in our local community.  We saw so many other “community minded organizations and charities” doing so many wonderful community projects, but who lacked the ability or funding to purchase or provide volunteer insurance, public liability insurance or even director insurance to protect those completing, planning – or receiving the project outcomes.  My Project Team can help you – help others.

In these challenging times of law suits and/or litigation, we heard of numerous church groups and charities who saw a need for community renovation and restoration, but didn’t have the expertise, funding or contacts to turn these wonderful ideas into completed projects.    So often, two “likeminded organizations” – even in the same suburb, don’t realise that another church or club have the same – or similar idea.  My Project Team Ltd wants to remove these barriers and build bridges between – not just these organizations – but families and individuals who also have a passion for community reformation.

With My Project Team Ltd – there are no boundaries or ownership – Just relationship, networking and community support.  If your club, society, church or school have a great idea for a community project, where you witness severe suffering, illness, destitution, misfortune or disability and are looking for a responsible partner who has networks, quality outcomes and long term commitment to see the project to final outcome – then My Project Team Ltd are looking for you.

We have some basic legal questions and standards by which we measure the community input prior to committing to your project, and these are the rules by which we operate. If you think that your organization can work within those guidelines, has a commitment to quality outcomes, and has a heart to see community lives changed – then please complete the following questionnaire and application to become a My Project Team Ltd Partner.

We look forward to working with you and thankyou for your interest and commitment.  If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact My Project Team Ltd.