Past Projects

Cerebral Palsy House Caloundra

The house was built by the Deparment of Housing, Cerebral Palsy League manage the housemates needs and care, and the families pay for all the outgoings and expenses.  By linking three individuals together, their “independent” federal government funding can be pooled through an organization that provides full time carers and meets their personal and shared needs – such as shopping trips etc.

In March 2008, My Project Team were asked by one of the families to assist with a roof over their pergola, but during the inspection, we found that there were no ceiling fans or air conditioning for the summer months.  Two of the housemates were severely affected by heat, and none of the families who pay all running costs of the house, could afford to install these needy appliances.
The Builders Renovation Warehouse in Brisbane, offered to provide air conditioning, tiles, building materials etc for church projects.  The business owner jumped at the chance to provide 3 split systems for the bedrooms, and another donor paid for the installation, the ceiling fans and other upgrades.  We brought together some volunteers and tradesmen and spent the day installing the systems.
My Project Team Ltd were asked to remodel the double garage area into a separate family area, a wheelchair ramp, a garden shed and finally installing a roof on the pergola.  TAFE Sunshine Coast has also assisted us to design a complete garden makeover with raised garden beds for one of the housemates to roll his wheelchair under and assist with growing some vegetables.

On 29th August 2009, we were able to install a new garden shed – funded by a private donor, and supplied at a special price by Suncoast Garden Sheds.  Hotondo Homes supplied and installed the concrete slab for the shed, and CV Services installed a wheelchair ramp at the front door.  They are also assisting with the pergola roofing supplied by Melco Lanhams Mitre 10 Sunshine Coast.

The carers put on a bar-b-que for the workers at lunchtime, and we were able to pray for the housemates and the carers.  Each time we go there now – even just to say “G’day” – we get a huge welcome from the housemates and the carers.  Our prayer is that by doing a few basic upgrades, we have opened the door for Jesus to come into that house.  There are 5 other Cerebral Palsy homes across the Sunshine Coast that could also do with a bit of work – hopefully we will get to them in the near future.
The state government “owns” the upgrades, and through our sponsors, we hope to increase the assistance from churches, Lions clubs, sporting clubs and retail suppliers.  There are no “financial benefits” to Cerebral Palsy Qld, just assistance to reduce the physical suffering for the carers and housemates.  The Qld Housing Commission rejected all formal requests by CPQL to complete these few projects, and this is what God’s Kingdom is all about – bringing His church together with other community sponsors, to complete particular, needy projects in the community.  Jesus said that “He would build His Church” – and that doesn’t mean going to church on Sunday and doing nothing during the week. If you watched “Random Acts of Kindness” in August 2009 on Channel 9, you would have seen the rebuild of The Shack at Nambour.  That just proved to us that God is right in the middle of My Project Team, and this is the type of project that He is capable of.

Other Community Projects

Over the past two years, My Project Team Ltd have been honoured to be involved in dozens of community projects.  Some as simple as cleaning up a backyard, some as difficult as The Shack project with “Random Acts of Kindness”.  Most projects are “not for public information” – simply because of the private or confidential nature of the project. MPT are regularly involved with homeless, physically and sexually abused women and children, and these projects cannot be advertised in the public domain. 

From time to time we will be posting photos or video of some of our projects, and we would welcome your feedback, thoughts and ideas.