My Project Team - ready to helpMy Project Team Ltd is a not-for-profit company, registered in Queensland to provide resources, skills and support to those in our community who need – and believe in “Truth, Love and Hope”.

Early Beginnings

My Project Team Ltd started from a small group of men and women who have a heart for their community.  Our Board consists of members and volunteers from churches and companies of all denominations and organizations.

My Project Team Ltd partnered with the LifeHouse, a charity attached to the Goodlife Community Centre, to supply food, clothing and essentials to families who have nothing. We have helped single mums and dads who needed to relocate for all manner of reasons, and I guess we just grew from there.  A mens shelter needed electrical work and building modifications – My Project Team was there.

As more “community minded men and women” A Project Team at workheard about the plight of our community in desperate need, our network of contacts grew and so we became a registered company on 15th September 2008 – simply to develop the structure and strategies to protect and insure our volunteers, our suppliers and our clients.

The Challenge

We invite churches, institutions, charities and clubs of all persuasions to join us to assist our community.  There are “needs” out there which go unnoticed – and sometimes completely ignored.  Sometimes it can be as simple as cleaning up a garden.  Other projects can be concreting a driveway, building or renovating a shelter, or landscaping and redesigning an “unused yard” into a resource which helps feed a large needy family and saves them hundreds of dollars per month on vegetables, and then recycles their green waste.

Churches, charities , community clubs and even schools of all persuasions have a huge resource in their membership and database, and that resource could be utilised and managed through one single facility – My Project Team Ltd.

What a wonderful way to build a future resource for the coming generations!

Come – join us, and help rebuild hope, love and community spirit across the Sunshine Coast and beyond, by bringing relief to those who are suffering the most.

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